GOSHEN — While the flag gets few days off from proudly flying over countless homes and buildings across the country, it gets its due on June 14 every year for Flag Day.

According to AmericanFlags.com, Flag Day was created to commemorate the adoption of the flag by Congress in 1777. President Woodrow Wilson made it a recognized day in 1916.

Locally, Goshen VFW Post 985 Commander John Alheim said that the flag is the defining symbol of the United States.

"I think the flag identifies as an indication of what the United State represent," said Alheim. "That's why we as a nation want to display it for unity and for those that served and lost their lives."

While many people may be familiar with flag etiquette such as not allowing the flag to touch the ground and keeping it lit at all times or bringing it down at night, some are not as familiar with how to properly dispose of flags when they reach their life span.

According to Alheim, the VFW Post collects those flags and turns them over to another organization which properly disposes of them in a ceremonial burn, he said.

"We have a container where the flag is taken once it reaches a point where it's tattered and faded," he said.

Billings Funeral Home in Elkhart also takes old, retired flags to be used when a veteran is cremated. 

"It is a most fitting tribute to veterans and a patriot way to 'retire' aged flags," according to their website.

Alheim said that Flag Day is a day for everyone to display the flag and remember what it means to the nation.

"We are a country and we should be identified through that flag," he said."The idea behind it is to display the flag, each house should display it proudly." 

The VFW will be flying a number of flags outside their post, located at 1201 W. Pike St. on Wednesday, according to Alheim.

"We put a number of them out to show our support for the flag," he said.

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