Fire leaves house uninhabitable

Part of the roof collapsed during a fire at 22956 C.R. 18. Firefighters had to cut holes in the building to get access. 

ELKHART  — A house fire at 22956 C.R. 18 left the building standing but severely damaged after 50 or 60 firefighters worked to put out the fire Sunday, according to Ron Singleton, deputy chief at the Concord Township Fire Department. 

The owner of the house reported smoke coming from inside the residence around 4:30 p.m. but did not see flames. When the first firefighters arrived,  heavy smoke was coming from the eaves, Singleton said.

He said the relatively high number of firefighters was partly due to the way the house is constructed. 

"And the amount of work that the guys were putting in to get to where they needed to be," he said. "It was an old farm house with a couple of different roofs and plaster over plywood and stuff like that, so they had to do quite a bit of work to get to the attic."

Getting the fire under control took a couple of hours, according to Singleton. He said there were several hotspots.

"It was a matter of putting ladders up on the roof and cutting holes to be able to get into it," he said.

The Concord department received assistance from the fire departments of Baugo Township, Harrison Township, Jefferson Township, Bristol and Elkhart. The firefighters cleared out around 11:30, but the fire cause of the fire was still being investigated Monday, Singleton said.

No injuries were reported.


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50 firefighters is a lot more sensible than the 140 reported by other news media!

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