Truth file photo 

A Vista Lane home was damaged in a fire late Tuesday.

ELKHART — Fire crews from three departments responded to a house fire on Vista Lane north of Elkhart Christian Academy late Tuesday. 

No injuries were reported. Firefighters said no one inside at the time, and neighbors told investigators they thought the regular occupant had been living somewhere else, according to an ABC57 report. 

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Sure they care Joe! If you live in Baugo Twp. and your house is burning or your hearts stops, you better hope Bristol fire ain't coming! Cause it does get busy sometimes! But I know Joe! U R an expert!


Hmmm...Where is Vista Lane? In Elkhart county, but outside the city of Elkhart. So I guess the photo is a stock photo for any fire? It does make a difference! Especially for the departments fighting the fire! Give credit where credit is due! Factual reporting is an old concept lost in a new world!

Joe King

It's a firetruck...they put out fires...what part of this dont you understand?


Joe U R fighting a losing battle here buddy. I understand very well which fire units respond to what addresses. The units would be Concord, Baugo, maybe Harrison twp, for this fire. This is NOT a Elkhart City fire. But that is and Elkhart City Fire Engine. Most twp fire depts. are incorporated and operate as contract protection. It's quite important to give credit where credit is due. Why? Because the more responses the more the dept can qualify for funds. These people work very hard. They must qualify to all State standards and rules! It takes a lot of hours to get your Fire 1 and Fire2. Mot dept require an EMT qualification. Vastly more time. Continuing education and training is a must. The saying in fire business...train as if your life depends on it, because it does! Elkhart City Fire has #2 ISO rating. There are several departments in Indiana with that rating. No one sports a #1. Volunteer and combination depts. (paid/ volunteer) are struggling to survive. They need and deserve the correct credit for their work! So please Joe , give us some more intelligent 1 liners!

Joe King

Who cares? When someones house, business, or whatever is on fire, their first thoughts are, I wonder who's coming? They call 911 and the fire dept comes, puts it out...I think you are missing the one cares which unit comes, as long as someone comes to put it out... The real story is are they going to arrest the kid or parents?

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