ELKHART — Actress Deirdre Lovejoy, daughter of the late Marcia Fulmer, spoke to members of the Four Arts Club  at Elcona Country Club on Monday.

More than 140 showed up to hear Lovejoy at the event.

“I fell in love with theatre here and all the institutions that contributed to that are still thriving,” Lovejoy said. “It makes me very happy because being out in the world and being an actor and living the life of a gypsy sounds really glamorous but in reality it’s very lonely work, so coming to community and coming to home and coming back to the people that participate in theatre or the arts because they love it or because they have to, is a gift.”

She spoke on her experiences learning to act, becoming an actress and getting into show business.

“The (Elkhart) Civic Theatre really was my introduction to the arts. It was my introduction to musicals, and plays and actors and directors and costume designers and set designers,” Lovejoy said. “From the moment I stepped on stage there, that is where I got bitten by the bug.”

Shortly after graduating from Elkhart Memorial High School, Lovejoy found herself in New York City trying to obtain her first acting gig as a professional actress.

She later received her graduate degree from New York University.

“The first thing I learned was how much I didn’t know,” Lovejoy said. “I managed to get a good support system early the transition was still endless for me.”

Lovejoy said that part of her journey as an actress involved getting to know herself and getting her life together as an adult. She worked as a waitress for a catering company, at a management consulting firm and as a limo driver, while working periodically in regional theatres before finally getting her first television gig on “Law & Order.”

On Sept. 11, 2001, Lovejoy was scheduled to be taking her real estate license exam in a building located near the World Trade Centers.

Instead she got a callback for a Disney commercial and ditched the exam.

Two months later she got her real estate license.

“I was so not in an artistic frame of mind. The city had shut down and really reminded you of what was really important, which is relationships,” Lovejoy said. “When I finally started focusing on what was really important, things started coming to me.”

“The Wire” was a turning point in Lovejoy’s acting career.

“I had to go through the things I went through because they made me the person that I am and they formed who I am as an artist,” she said. “I never get tired, I never get bored. It’s a perk of what I do. I’m always changing personas.”

On Oct. 4, “Raising Dion” came out on Netflix, a show about a single mother raising a son with superpowers. Lovejoy, too, got to have superpowers for the role.

“I’m in a very good place professionally and the kind of roles I’m doing,” Lovejoy said. “Last night I was watching me shoot lightning out of my hands and it was really cool.”

Still starring on “The Blacklist,” Lovejoy was also recently on set for the new HBO series, “Run.”

On Saturday, she was in Pittsburgh shooting the series finale for “Manhunt.” This month she also performed alongside “Elementary’s” Aidan Quinn in the Indie Drama “Spiked.”

“Ever since my mom passed, jobs have been raining down on me from the sky,” Lovejoy said. “Literally since she passed away I’m barely getting days off.”

Of her mother’s passing in April, Lovejoy said, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”She added, “Today is an okay day.”

“I’m very humbled. My mom was very opinionated and hard-headed, so the outpouring of good wishes and support when she passed was overwhelming and quite surprising. She really had an impact full-time on the arts in the area and I know she was very proud of it.”

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