GOSHEN — Substitute teachers with some experience are getting a raise at Goshen Community Schools this school year.

The school board members approved the measure during their meeting this week.

In a memorandum to the board, Lori Line, executive director of talent development and management for the school corporation, requested that all substitute teachers with five-plus years of experience or all retired teachers be waived the 30 days to earn an additional $5 on their daily rate.

This means substitutes with five-plus years of experience will earn a starting pay of $105 immediately rather than having to wait until after they’ve worked 30 days cumulative in a school year.

Retired teachers will earn $115 immediately, the memo states.

New substitutes with a high school diploma and less than 30 credit hours of teaching will start off receiving $85 per day, and then bump up to $90 after the 30 days.

Moreover, substitutes who have at least 31 credit hours will receive $90 per day to start, and then $95 after 30 days.

Also this week, the school board approved to increase adult meal prices at the corporation.

The adjustment comes after a recent onsite review by the Indiana Department of Education of School Nutrition, according to Kelley Kitchen, executive director of finance for the school corporation.

“Because our program has schools within the Community Eligibility Provision program, our adult meal prices are calculated by adding the free reimbursement rate plus the extra 0.06 cents, plus the per meal value of USDA donated foods,” Kitchen said. “The adult lunch must be equal to or higher than the total.”

To that end, adult breakfast prices will increase from $2 to $2.15 and adult lunch prices will increase from $3.50 to $3.75.

The changes are effective immediately.

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