GOSHEN — The rain cleared just in time for Prairie View Elementary School to hold its annual end-of-the-school-year Field Day on Friday morning.

All 450 students were scattered across the school campus for an outdoor day full of fun and friendly competition.

In keeping up with school tradition, Principal Donna Wiktorowski kicked off the event by arriving to school in a fun or unique vehicle. This year, she arrived sitting on the back of a 1964 Dodge Dart Convertible dressed as a queen while greeting the students with a royal wave.

“It’s always fun to show up and surprise the kids,” Wiktorowski said of her entrance. “Each year, the principal arrives in a different vehicle. In previous years, we’ve done a buggy, fire engine and even a helicopter. I decided a costume would be part of my entrance this year and chose to come as a queen. The kids seemed to have enjoyed it.”

Dozens of stations were set up with different activities that would entertain students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

The school campus was separated into two sections. One side was reserved for classroom teams where classes grouped up to participate in activities such as scooter relay, obstacle course, tug-of-war and a dance station.

The other was for partner play where students partnered with friends to participate in activities such as chicken throw, water games, art activities and black top games.

“This isn’t really your typical field day,” Wiktorowski said. “We don’t have any competitions, everyone is involved and we rotate the stations every 20 minutes and make it an all-day event. It’s just team building type things and so the students all look forward to it.

A Kona ice truck was also set up for snow cones.

All the students were color coordinated by grade – kindergartners wore orange, first graders wore yellow, second graders wore purple, third graders wore green, fourth graders wore blue and fifth graders wore red.

The field day also serves to bring the community and the school together, school officials said. Close to 50 parent volunteers were on hand to supervise and help activities.

Sheila Taylor, secretary at Prairie View, who helped coordinate the event, said Field Day is an event that students most look forward to each year and is a great way to close the year. 

 “We still have a few days left of school, but it’s just a nice way celebrate the school year where the students get to go outside and do different things other than being inside a classroom,” Taylor said of the event. “They’re working together and having fun.”

The last day of school is May 30.

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