Elkhart woman sentenced for cocaine

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GOSHEN — An Elkhart woman who admitted to dealing cocaine received a 12-year sentence Thursday.

It was a situation the 33-year-old mother of three could have easily avoided if it weren’t for the power of the drug, the judge said.

Cassey Williams was arrested in June and charged with dealing between 1 and 5 grams of cocaine, a Level 3 felony, as well as dealing a synthetic drug and maintaining a common nuisance, both Level 6 felonies. She pleaded guilty to the cocaine charge in January.

She was sentenced under the terms of her plea agreement to 12 years in prison, with five years suspended and on probation. She told Circuit Court Judge Michael Christofeno that she hoped to get home detention instead of prison, but said she recognized the seriousness of her crime and would respect whatever sentence she received.

Her lawyer described the programs Williams had completed while in jail, including several substance abuse classes, and described the caregiver role she had taken on for friends and family before her arrest. Attorney Chris Crawford also entered into evidence several letters written in support.

“She does have the ability to do those kinds of things,” he said. “Who she is is reflected in the letters you received.”

Christofeno remarked that Williams had no lengthy history of crimes like drug use and seemed to have a lot of good family support. He said it would be up to her to get past her drug use, and that he could modify her sentence if she completed a therapeutic community drug program in prison while staying free of conduct violations.

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