Elkhart woman admits to killing husband

Angelica Castillo

GOSHEN — An Elkhart woman accused of killing her husband, taking his money and fleeing the state has pleaded guilty.

Angelica Castillo, 40, admitted to the May 17 murder of her husband, 41-year-old Elder Castillo.

Her plea agreement was entered Thursday in Elkhart County Circuit Court ahead of her March 4 jury trial.

The agreement sets a sentence of 45 years in prison, which is 20 years below the maximum for murder.

Her sentencing was set for March 14.

Angelica Castillo stated in court that she used a pistol when she fatally shot Elder Castillo in their home. Authorities said she then hid his body, where it remained until it was found on June 6.

Elder Castillo’s brother had reported him missing on May 28, telling Elkhart police that he was receiving texts from Elder Castillo’s phone but didn’t believe it was really him, since the messages were so different from usual.

Police spoke with Angelica Castillo after her husband’s body was found.

She said she knew he was dead inside the home but claimed that one of his uncles had killed him, and said she couldn’t go to the police because the killer was in a Mexican cartel.

She said she witnessed the killing and admitted to going in and out of the residence after the murder. But she refused to give a statement in person.

A warrant for Angelica Castillo’s arrest was issued after police connected her to the purchase of items used to conceal Elder Castillo’s murder and to activity on his bank account after his death. A number of withdrawals from Elder Castillo Sr.’s bank account were made between May 19 and June 6 at gas stations and at casinos in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, and a transfer of $80,235 was made from his retirement account to his personal checking account.

Detectives learned that Elder Castillo hadn’t been cashing his paychecks for a year because he was having problems with his wife spending all their money.

Sometime before his death, he opened a separate account without his wife knowing about it.

Angelica Castillo was found in southern Georgia in August, living under a false name, when she was arrested on a local forgery charge.

She was extradited to Elkhart County in October to face the murder charge.

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