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ELKHART — An employee at Elkhart Community Schools has tested positive for coronavirus, the school district announced Friday.

The district said the employee works at the J.R. Rice Educational Service Center. Due to the work position of the individual, there is no risk to students or staff in school buildings, the district said.

The district has not received any reports of other staff members experiencing illnesses with symptoms resembling those of COVID-19, the release said.

“I’m thankful for the proactive messaging of our district to encourage employees to stay home if they are sick, and the proactive measures put in place by our Board of School Trustees to provide emergency leave and the opportunity to work from home,” Steve Thalheimer, superintendent at Elkhart Community Schools, said in a statement. “Due to these proactive measures, our employee observed the guidance provided by the district and isolated once symptoms appeared.”

“As testing becomes more readily available in our area and across the country, it’s highly likely that others in the community, and possibly our district will test positive for the virus in the future,” said Thalheimer. “Unfortunately, the virus has reached Elkhart and our surrounding cities, and as one of the largest employers in the county, we were at risk to have a positive case at some point.

Thalheimer said he was thankful the individual had no contact with students during their job-related duties, and also observed the guidance of the district and the CDC to stay home to help reduce spread in administrative offices.

This is the second school district in Elkhart County to have a confirmed case. Concord Community Schools announced an employee who tested positive for the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday.

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