An Elkhart man is safe and warm after rescuers found him cold, wet and alone in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota.

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office received a call Saturday night from an Ely, Minnesota-area outfitter that had dropped off Chori Rummel, 34, earlier for his first trip into the wilderness. The solo paddler used a handheld Garmin inReach device to send an SOS signal, and a message stating “Help Wet and Cold.”

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Joe! The St Joe County Rescue Squad is strictly volunteer. Most very small units do not bill. Here some fire depts charge for response while others are paid by tax dollars. If a dept. has paid members they usually are paid through tax money. For example Bristol Fire is an incorporated entity . The town of Bristol and Washington twp. contract their service . They could not pay their paid firefighters an annual salary per billings on fire responses. Yes you will pay for ambulance serve per call. EMS systems are VERY expensive to operate. All my years at Elkhart Fire , they have never billed for fire protection. That is paid through the civil city budget. Alarm systems are not all equal in quality. Some entities may charge for over and over nuisance false alarms. We call them frequent fliers. Most all medic responses are paid by your health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Joe King

I hope they charge him for their time and equipment. What a foolish plan. He was unprepared, had the wrong equipment, and I have to question his judgement...what experience did he have? I think he was very selfish putting rescue workers at harm for his personal adventure...this was day 1....unbelievable...


Oh Boy, you must be fun to live with.


The only thing that is unbelievable is your comment. Charge him ? REALLY !

Joe King

why is is that unbelievable? If you are in an ambulance, they charge you. If you have false alarms with your security system, they charge you...i've never been in a fire, so I don't know if there is a charge for the fire dept....This was a fool hardy adventure and luckily, no 1st responders were hurt....

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