Elkhart man charged with sex crimes involving two victims

Samuel Richardson IV

GOSHEN — An Elkhart man faces sex crime charges after allegations were made by two juveniles.

Samuel Richardson IV, 30, is charged with child molesting as a Level 1 felony and as a Level 4 felony as well as sexual battery, a Level 6 felony.

He was arrested this week following an investigation by a Goshen Police detective into alleged incidents that span back to 2014.

He was booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $110,000 bond and his initial court hearing was held Thursday.

Richardson's charges represent potential prison time of up to 54-1/2 years.

According to court documents:

A girl under age 15 disclosed to a relative in early June that Richardson had touched her inappropriately on several occasions over the past few years. The girl was given a forensic interview at Child and Parent Services in Elkhart.

She described a violent encounter that had occurred after Richardson took her into the woods when she was under 10 years old. Afterward, he said he would harm her if she told anyone, then resorted to bribes.

The girl recounted another incident she said happened in the fall of 2018, while she was riding on a scooter with Richardson. She said he grabbed her and told her, "This is what a good wife does," and she hit him in reaction, nearly causing the scooter to wreck.

Richardson was later interviewed by police and said he didn't remember the incident in the woods that the victim described. He blamed his heavy drug use for memory loss and said it caused him to act out in ways he normally wouldn't.

But he also said that if the victim said he did it, then he probably had and he was sorry.

The victim's report followed one made by another juvenile, a girl under age 18, in late May. That girl said Richardson followed her into her house while they were having a conversation, and touched her inappropriately after they reached her room.

When questioned by police, Richardson denied ever being at the girl's house. He later admitted being there, first saying he was only in the driveway, then in the house, then in the girl's room.

He told police it was the girl who initiated the contact.

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Tim Stewart

This guy is a real (fill in the blank) to be sure. However, the one thing that jumps out at me... is why, after being assaulted previously, she would go ANYWHERE with him alone ?!

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