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GOSHEN — An Elkhart man has admitted to burglary charges which resulted from a home invasion in April.

Adrian Roundtree, 27, pleaded guilty to burglary and unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, both Level 4 felonies. He also admitted to two counts of attempted residential entry as a Level 6 felony.

His previous violent felony was an armed robbery conviction in 2010.

Roundtree entered his plea agreement Thursday in Elkhart County Circuit Court. 

Under the terms of his plea, Roundtree’s total sentence is 16 years in prison, with two years suspended and on probation. He also admitted to a violation of probation, with the terms of that punishment up to the judge when Roundtree is sentenced on Dec. 19.

Judge Michael Christofeno set his sentencing for a date more than a month out after hearing that Roundtree wanted to finish earning a high school equivalency degree in the jail before going into the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Roundtree admitted to the judge that he broke into someone’s house on April 22 and stole some valuables, and that he unsuccessfully tried to break into two other residences the same day. He also acknowledged he had a handgun in his possession at the time.

Court documents show that Roundtree was arrested after Elkhart Police were called to a Roosevelt Avenue address for a report of a man ringing the doorbell and trying to open the front door. After a short chase, first on bicycle then on foot, officers found him trying to hide in a garage because they could see his feet under the door.

A small bag of miscellaneous jewelry and a black backpack containing a loaded revolver and 45 rounds of ammunition were also found in the garage.

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