Elkhart man accused of pointing gun at neighbor

Charles Neely

ELKHART — An Elkhart man is accused of aiming a gun at his neighbor during a property dispute.

Charles Neely, 50, is charged with intimidation with a deadly weapon, a Level 5 felony, and pointing a firearm at another person, a Level 6 felony, following the alleged incident Wednesday on C.R. 3. He is also charged with carrying a handgun without a license, a Class A misdemeanor.

Bond was set at $25,000 in the order for his arrest Thursday. His initial court hearing was set for June 28.

According to court documents:

An Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office patrolman responded to a report of a neighbor pointing a firearm at a person in the 59000 block of C.R. 3 and then leaving the area in a yellow and black Isuzu work truck. The officer found the vehicle driving on Navajo Street north of Franklin Street before parking at Neely’s address.

As he approached the vehicle, the officer saw a black handgun sitting in the center console. It was found to have the hammer pulled back, with a round in the chamber and several rounds of ammunition in the magazine.

Neely, the driver, was also found to have 18 rounds in his pants pocket after he was taken out of the vehicle and placed in handcuffs. He claimed the gun was not loaded when asked about pointing it at people.

He also said he had ongoing issues with his neighbor, including damage being done to a Jeep on his C.R. 3 property that day. He said he came and went from the property earlier that day to try to catch his neighbor on it.

Neely was unable to say how he knew his neighbor had damaged the vehicle or why he hadn’t called the sheriff’s office, but he was adamant that the sheriff’s office hadn’t done anything in the past to help him.

The officer later spoke with the neighbor, who said he had arguments with Neely in the past but they hadn’t seen each other for a year. He said Neely arrived at his own C.R. 3 address, north of his property, at around 4 p.m.

He said he immediately heard gunshots coming from the property after Neely arrived, then Neely came and went from the property all afternoon. Twice, he said, Neely stopped his Isuzu in front of his property, cursed at him and making a rude gesture.

The neighbor said a verbal argument eventually broke out between them, and he told Neely to give him 15 minutes to take his children to another location and then they could handle the problem. He said Neely retrieved a black handgun from his vehicle, pointed it at his head and said, “Let’s handle this now.”

He believed Neely was going to shoot him, so he ran for cover behind a vehicle in his driveway. Neely then left the property in his Isuzu.

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