Elkhart man accused of $10K in welfare fraud

Adam Shawhan

ELKHART — An Elkhart man is accused of fraudulently receiving more than $10,000 in SNAP benefits between 2014 and 2019.

Adam Shawhan, 43, was charged with welfare fraud and forgery, both Level 6 felonies, following an investigation by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration. Investigators believe he obtained an amount of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance and Medicaid benefits by knowingly giving false information about his household.

The amount of SNAP benefits he collected that he shouldn’t have received was $10,335. His Medicaid over-issuance totaled $976.

Shawhan was arrested Tuesday and booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility. His initial court hearing is set for June 10.

According to court documents:

Investigators determined that when Shawhan first applied for benefits for himself and three dependent children in February 2012, he failed to include his wife or report her income. He reported no changes when he renewed his eligibility multiple times over the following years.

The office found evidence that Shawhan’s wife was employed and lived at his address during the same period.

Shawhan also neglected to report vehicles he and his wife owned as resources, and submitted copies of fake lease agreements for three properties to be used in verifying household expenses. An investigator interviewed one of the supposed landlords, who said he had never leased any portion of his home and that Shawhan had lived at a single Shawn Drive address with his wife for as long as he’s known him.

Shawhan’s wife was interviewed in April. She admitted they lived in the same household and that the lease agreements were fake.

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Nothing special, I had 2 neighbors in the last 10 years which both claimed benefits, yet they lived with their partners and even both worked. One of them barbecued the finest steaks all summer long, along with expensive wine and other things, all paid for by benefits we few honest working individuals eventually support.

Joe King

I wonder where all the comments are about welfare fraud are? Wait, what? He’s white? Oh never mind.....


Racist comments! Hmmmm…..


There you go again Joe, consumed with hate. Please seek help.

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