GOSHEN — More than 100 people stood on the Goshen Courthouse lawn in the freezing rain Saturday to make it known that they do not want war with Iran.

“We were concerned about the prospects of going to war with Iran as far as already targeting sites and maybe retaliation. We haven’t had war, but it’s still a tense situation,” said organizer Bruce Bishop.

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Isn't it wonderful that these people may protest their protest. In Iran they get bullets! Iran is one of the largest exporters of terror world wide. Where do these protesters live? In a cave in Goshen. Let's discuss Iranian hostages during Carter's admin! How about the USS Cole? How about Iranian threats to wipe Israel off the map? And there ever present death to America! I guess it's easy to condemn your own country rather than stand up for right and freedom in Iran and stopping worldwide terror. I give you these 2 names Hamas and Hezbollah!

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