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Chad Clingerman, Elkhart County’s voter registration office manager, tests voting machines ahead of a special election earlier this year. Concord Community Schools will put a ballot question to voters this fall.

ELKHART — Early in-person voting on the Concord Community Schools referendum starts Tuesday.

The period to cast early in-person absentee ballots runs through noon on Monday, Nov. 1. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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From what I can see, this referendum is intentionally misleading to the voters. Perhaps I am misreading it, but I don't think so.

The text makes it sound like the voters are getting a reduction in their taxes. They are not. The referendum passed in 2014 was for 7 years so it is expiring. That means that there would be no extra tax when it expires. No extra tax at all. They are asking for a new extra tax to replace the expiring extra tax and make it sound like it is a sale. The real choice is the "reduced" rate they are promoting lasts for an additional 8 more years or having the extra tax expire and go away totally. So, the tax payer pays no extra tax at all, or pays a slightly lower rate for the next 8 years than they did for the past 7 years.

If they were up front about what they were asking for, it would be easier to support. By phrasing it as they did, they are trying to trick the taxpayer into thinking they are saving money.

There is a significant lack of credibility with the current referendum and how the new one is being sold. There is a perception that the last referendum funds were not spent well and were mismanaged. I’ve been a firm supporter of school funding in the past but this one strikes me as selling snake oil to unsuspecting tax payers to trick them into replacing the expiring extra tax with a new one because being honest and up front won’t get the referendum passed. This one will likely lose by much more than the last one passed.

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