Elkhart County courthouse downtown Elkhart

The Elkhart County Courthouse in downtown Elkhart is expected to be demolished when a consolidated courthouse is constructed. The new consolidated courthouse will not be built downtown, county commissioners have decided.

ELKHART — Elkhart is on track to lose its county courthouse, leaving another chunk of downtown empty.

Elkhart County Board of Commissioners President Mike Yoder, R-2, in an interview Tuesday said the commissioners have decided to turn down Democratic Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson’s proposal to place a new consolidated courthouse as well as the city’s new public safety complex in one downtown building while putting up a parking garage for the facility on the property where Elkhart’s existing courthouse stands.

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Why not Concord Mall? Plenty of unused space, already built, plenty of parking... Low lease rates could be negotiated for a long term. Easily reconfigured. No doubt there are some sneaky motives going on here...


Spot - on, "DingFod". That is one "Heck" of an idea. Kudos.

Joe King

The mall would be good, only if they could purchase the land... We shouldn't be paying rent indefinitely. If that land could be purchase, that would be good. I also think Miles/Bayer Site would be a good choice... Maybe we could by it back for $2...the owner would have doubled their investment....


Question: who is the present owner of the two properties in question? That knowledge might explain Mr. Yoders rush to get this done before he leaves office. Is M Letherman involved in this decision?

Joe King

Agree...follow the money....who owns the land they want to build on? Elkhart Truth?


You can find out that answer Joe! Cough up some money for access to Elevate. It lists ALL real estate parcels in Elkhart County, their owners, the taxes paid and other pertinent info! The 2 sites mentioned by the County list NO Leatherman nor FM nor Tiedeman names. Sorry to shoot down your conspiracy!


One should also be looking into who owns the land surrounding the proposed sites. No doubt after the courthouse is built, there will be a need for more development of the land surrounding the building.

SanFran Kid

You can be assured that the new courthouse will have a Goshen zip code


Dear Mr. Yoder, Slow down. Listen to the public, the mayor, the city counsel, collaborate and work together. Maybe there wasn't a viable option downtown at one point in time, but there is now. The safety concern that you raise has been addressed. Your need to move quickly is irrational. This is a decision that will effect the city and the public for years to come. Maybe, in the end, the plan that is not for down town is the one that is decided upon. However, rushing this is a disservice to the public and the city. Maybe there wasn't a viable option at one time, but there is potentially a viable option now. Moving the courthouse to the outskirts of town is a disservice to many. If we want a vital downtown- these employees are part of that vitality. Those who access the courts need a central location- not one that is a hardship of them due to location. Please slow down. I, as one citizen, will support the final decision as long as it is handled collaboratively. To not LISTEN and not give serious consideration (not "token" consideration) is a disservice to those you serve and plowing ahead is a disservice. This is a CITY - how is C.R. 17 serving the public?. I support the mayor and the city counsel on this.

Joe King

It seems foolish to move the courthouse out to the middle of nowhere...the majority of people are in the city.. they tore down a once beautiful courthouse in the city years and years ago...to build what is there presently. This is not a federal building...closing side streets and building up and out seems reasonable. Even the old miles/ Bayer property seems more like a logical choice then out in the country.... I think the county commission wants to see more buildings out in that area... I have to wunder if the real drive are the property owners and developers in that area.. leatherma? fm stone?, etc


Tell Joe! Where was that once beautiful courthouse in the city? I would think a fellow like you would know. I don't really care where it is built. Wherever... it becomes a no tax zone! Actually it's a "county" court and the CR 17 & US 20 seems more central to most of the county!

SanFran Kid

Now,I know why I never voted for Mike Yoder.

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