ELKHART – Three Democrats vying for Indiana's 2nd Congressional District have been asked to speak at a candidate forum Jan. 18.

Pat Hackett, Mel Hall and Yatish Joshi were invited to speak at the forum in the community room of Ivy Tech in Elkhart from 7 to 9 p.m., said Susie Wade, chair of the Democratic Women of Elkhart County, which is hosting the vent.

"This is a chance for people to come out and meet the candidates," she said. 

Each candidate will have two minutes to answer the same question during the moderated forum. The questions will be prepared ahead of time and while candidates will know what topics will be discussed, they may not necessarily know each question until it's asked, she said. 

Hackett is a South Bend attorney and teacher who has served on boards including the Community Foundation and YWCA of St. Joseph County. 

Hall served as a minister in urban Detroit before working as the CEO of two companies in the health care field.

Joshi is a first-generation Indian immigrant who came to the U.S. more than 40 years ago and founded a water container company in 1988.

The candidates who wins the Democratic nomination will be in the running for the U.S. House seat held by Republican Jackie Walorski. The deadline for candidacy filings is Feb. 9 and the primary election is May 8. 

The general election is Nov. 6.

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concerned citizen

Sidearm, the only thing she has done is follow the GOP talking points. Why doesn't she take a stand that takes some guts i.e. condemn Dump for the fool he is or propose a bill that reels in campaign financing or sponsor a bill that takes on big drug companies. But no, she dances to the GOP tune, she makes Howdy Dowdy look like an Olympic athlete.


It's going to be interesting to see what these dems have to argue, complain and fret about. Jackie has done a stellar job in her position and there's no reason she shouldn't be returned to office.


Well, she is a good girl. Does exactly what she's told by the GOP leadership. She's a robot. Sadly, she'll win.

concerned citizen

She is a vanilla member of the house who runs and hides and comes out only when she is in the company of a bunch of other just like herself. She endorses some easy, safe legislation and makes a big deal out of it back here to fool folks into thinking she is the next Lincoln. She is a picture of failure.


What has she done wrong in your opinion other than not being a democrat?


Where is Ivy Tech?

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