MISHAWAKA — Christopher Davis, a signal maintainer for Norfolk Southern Railroad, is running for Congress.

Davis announced his candidacy Sunday for the Republican nomination in Indiana’s 2nd District. He is challenging U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Jimtown.

A Mishawaka resident, Davis said his decision to run emanates from his ability to identify with the needs of neighbors, co-workers and the community.

“Our congressional district is full of middle-class, hard-working people just like myself. Who better to represent this district than someone who can relate to the everyday challenges the average person faces,” he said. “This campaign represents the everyday worker, small business owner, and the Hoosiers who feel like they are not getting the representation they deserve.”

During a time of economic uncertainty, Davis said he will not accept any donations for this primary challenge.

“Our country faces real issues such as ballooning deficits, Medicare and Social Security insolvency, student loan debt, climate change, growing health care costs and aging infrastructure,” he said.

“Current members of Congress have failed to act, but I as your representative will not be passive about these issues,” he said. “I intend to meet with my community, listen to their concerns and bring their issues to the forefront so that we can continue to preserve our Hoosier state and country. I call this campaign ‘Fighting For Us.’”

More about Davis’s campaign is available at ElectDavis2020.com or from his campaign on Facebook by searching Christopher Davis for Congress.

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