Edwardsburg Middle School closed through the week due to COVID-19. 

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. — Edwardsburg Middle School will be closed through at least Friday for COVID-19 related reasons, school officials announced.

The closure comes after Edwardsburg Public Schools was notified by the Cass County Health Department of a student testing positive last Thursday, which resulted in 41 students and three teachers being quarantined. And then Sunday, the district was notified of two more students testing positive.

Through contact tracing, Superintendent James Knoll on Monday said it’s believed the virus spread stemmed from outside the building.

“We had a student-athlete that was part of a middle school volleyball team,” he said, “and that’s where we think it got into the building possibly through practices and then maybe through that student contacting other students throughout the day.”

“Based on those numbers of positive tests and the expansion of the quarantine we decided to close the middle school,” he said.

Edwardsburg, which is about 10 miles northwest of Elkhart, has a student population of 2,700. Of those students, about 85 percent are doing face-to-face instruction with the remaining 15 percent in school virtually.

While school is closed, students are one-to-one computing using Chromebooks for the week. Knoll said extending the closure will be evaluated later this week, but until then the closure will run through at least Friday.

“Towards the end of the week, we’ll evaluate our testing and our quarantine to make sure our students are safe,” Knoll said. “And if they are safe, we’ll come back to school on Monday, and if not, we’ll continue remotely for another week or however long we need to based on what we’re consulting with the county health department.”

Moving forward, Knoll urges anyone who is displaying symptoms of COVID to “stay home.”

“This virus is serious business and it’s our goal to make sure that we’re keeping our students, staff and community safe,” he said.

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