BRISTOL – The Elkhart County Commissioners met on Monday, Dec. 18 to begin the process of moving forward with the Quaker Trace Trail addition along County Road 8 in Bristol.

The proposed multiuse path would stretch along County Road 8 for 2.7 miles, connecting an already existing trail that ends at Echo Drive, to the town of Bristol and passing a number of homes, farms, businesses and woodlands along the way. It would connect to the nearly 44 miles of pedestrian and biker trails that already exist within Elkhart County.

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The ones that live in town do not pay the taxes that the homes on the river pay. If you want a river view it costs money! YOu won't find one on cr 8 anyway. The homes block the view. Go to Oxbow park and enjoy the woods, trails and river. A bike path will not attract people to move here. People live where there are jobs (we have them) health care and schools.(we are in dire need of them!) Ask any realtor they are selling the homes in Penn district and Middlebury schools like hotcakes but Elkhart schools are avoided. If we want to attract educated skilled workers we need to offer them a better school district and a lower crime rate. Businesses will come where there are workers. We better start saving instead of spending because the businesses are going to leave when they can't find workers, can not get across the river cause there are only two congested bridges, the roads and bridges won't carry the weight of the increased truck traffic and they watch local politicians use TIF money for their hospital friends to build a bike path that serves an elect few and an Olympic pool that will be used by Notre Dame(!!!???)


Mr. Foutz.... this path will not just pass through factories parking lots like the straight way MapleHeart trail you compare it to, it will pass through a factory lots with over 500 employees on a 45 mph road with l7 curves , 2 blind. In fact if you are ever traveling our road note the warning sign next to United Trailer that warns of a BLIND CURVE. Furthermore 30 years ago this was a entirely different road! Today it is over 15% truck traffic, not to mention farm equipment that travels these curves, it was not paved, it was even moved! So what may have worked 30 years ago will not work in 2018. And I sure don't recall bike paths being in the works 30 years ago! Maybe this path you sat at a table and designed December 2016 unbeknownst to the residents of the county (COUNTY) at their expense was first thought of then? Its time you became accountable for the projects you sponsor not only fiscally but morally as this project will put children on a path that is "dangerous".


I am so tired of Mr Foutz commenting on how great Quaker Trace bicycle path will be. He does not live on CR 8. The residents who live on CR 8 should be heard loud and clear. Many of us lived here decades. Why are our voices being silenced by the elite and few criticizing us. I’ll tell you why... it’s because we don’t really matter! Those people live in their ivory towers looking down on us. We are in the way of those cyclists who want the bicycle path on our road. It doesn’t matter if it destroys our front yards or takes our 100yr old tress. It doesn’t matter that we have lived here for decades! Please my fellow neighbors of CR 8 stay united! We do matter! Let our voices be heard! Please don’t weary. I know it’s tiring. We have to hold hands and stay strong! We are being heard!

Rod Harms

the bike path is a great thing and now we can ride our bikes safely and not have to worry about cars. The dump trucks have destroyed division street. They drive fast and are loud one after another every day. All day long. Let us all be happy we can enjoy Bristol as a town not just all semi trucks and dump trucks. Let the Quaker Trace Trail be something we can all enjoy


Aw heck yes Rod! Those dang dump trucks. I got an idea. Petition the county to stop those noisy speedy dirt trucks. Then you will really have more bike rider area. While we are at it, I'm still wondering how in the world people will be safe out there on Greenleaf Blvd , without a 10 foot wide path. I can't figure that one. Shucks!


That would be nice Rod but the commissioner has proposed narrowing cr 8 to ll feet. Take a drive down the road. Note how the edge is breaking apart. Near Wade street two cyclists crashed back in October when their tires got caught in the broken pavement. This is caused by the wide load bearing farm and trucks that travel this road. Weirick promised she was putting the path here for safety but then she did nothing to make the road safer after installing signage to label it a bike path and bring more people to this road that she calls dangerous!


"...Despite the fact that the layout, known as “Option 2a,” received the most positive reaction from residents along the future trail, many have still expressed outrage regarding the plan.." Ummm, I believe the most positive reaction from residents was received for the SR 120 option of wasted taxpayer $.
"...“If you look at the MapleHeart, it runs through industrial sights.."". Can't imagine a bike path being constructed through an industrial area for the sights, perhaps you meant sites?


At the very least since this is eminent domain for recreation ( Wrong to begin with) They should sure get way past top dollar for their property. But no amounts of money disclosed yet. Report please.


IT should be interesting to note that the commissioners admitted they have already paid a hefty price tag to Lochmueller for their concept designs! At their last meeting they stated it was well over $200,000 and that they would be asking for approval to spend more to get a finalized completed design from Lochmueller. This just for a little over two miles of road when they reported less costly locations. Why do they want it on cr 8 so badly? Ask yourself.


They will build this bike path regardless of the opposition. I'll remember who was in office when elections come and will never use the path after it is built. It will have broken glass and debris on it anyway since these paths along roadways are NEVER maintained.


Leave the property owners along CR 8 alone. This “bike path” you’re shoveling down their throats is going to be feet away from their front door. Susan is a liberal democrat, you should be repressing the public, not taking away their property. The owners don’t want this path in their front yards. Who would?


Bike paths are a good thing, unless you are a homeowner who is considered to be "In The Way." How many people would love having people walking & biking and gawking in your windows every day?


Dennis Kline.. your right they don't care... it may be your home but the select few that will use the path may have more money... and I do believe the County Road 8 trail would be dangerous. But here again.. they don't care it is more scenic that SR 120 and so when someone gets hits and dies then they may pay attention. I don't imagine the homeowners on SR 120 want the path in their yards either

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