County to trash last 5 recycling points

A Borden Waste-Away truck uses an automatic arm to grab a recycling bin along a Goshen street.

GOSHEN — First-time curbside recycling customers can have a few months covered by the county under a new program.

The Elkhart County Board of Commissioners on Monday voted to create a recycling incentive program as an alternative to the now-eliminated drop-off locations. The county will give qualified haulers a one-time payment of $25 on behalf of new customers who request it, said Landfill Manager John Bowers.

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Wait, so the new commissioners are offering to pay $25 to the company who says they have new recycling customers who asked for it?! So we trust the companys to be honest, but we cant live with a 'few bad apples' who dont recycle correctly?! So now i'm 'bribed' to signup for curbside recycling - a one time payment with no decrease in my taxes is in reality a tax increase! I thought these comissioners were fiscally conservative: seem to me to be tax and spend, tax and spend!

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