GOSHEN — The county’s IT system is preparing for a major update, with  a recent appropriation for $405,000 by the Elkhart County Council on Saturday.

“This is going to be the first of many investments for our IT department,” Jeff Taylor, county administrator, said.

They’ll be updating equipment, computers, software and more.

Computers will be upgraded at roughly $800 per computer over a three to five year period, at a cost of $285,000.

“We’ve gotten way behind,” Taylor said. “We have the people and staff in place now to take care of this for us.”

Councilman John Letterman requested that they furnish a long-term plan regarding the updates to the council.

Nonetheless, the appropriation was approved by the council.

Other items addressed by the Elkhart County Council include:

n The council approved $100,000 to be donated to the Center for Community Justice and $90,000 for the Council on Aging. The donations are part of a newly created fund among the Elkhart County Commissioners, who also asked to donate $100,000 to Horizon Education Alliance. Money for the new fund comes from trash fees and is a resurgence of a program that ended during the recession in 2008.

n The council approved a proposal from Baker-Tilly to provide up-to-date financial reporting for the county. The service would make it easier for the county to apply for bonds if needed in the future. The cost is $120,000 for the first year.

n An appropriation was made at $70,000 to allow for phase two of the Northeast Corridor TIF District to take place. The phase connects 25 homes to the pre-existing water lines.

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