Council tables Alick's property vote

Illustration provided  The Elkhart City Council must decide whether it will pay $350,000 to stabilize the foundation for privately built high-end condominiums that the Redevelopment Commission have supported. The condominiums would be constructed in the 900 block of Jackson Boulevard. 

ELKHART — Members of the Elkhart City Council on Monday evening tabled a vote to appropriate $350,000 for making the former Alick's property ready for construction.

The 7-2 decision to table came 10 hours before polling places opened Tuesday in the municipal election.

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Personally I think it is time for the city of Elkhart to get out of the real estate business. this would probably make a fine public park. Or maybe even a public boat launch. I would be absurd to pay $350,000 to benefit private investors.


A simple cure for problems like this.....Keep the City out of the real estate business! Taxpayers with vacate property should either sell @ whatever dollar amount is fair. Or by an ordinance, maintain it .

Joe King

The city gave them a lot they can build on. They cleared out the old buildings and concrete...and note....there was no helical piers for what they tore down...I wonder if there are any helical piers in any of the homes in that area. They can build what they they build and what ever materials necessary are on the builders...not the taxpayers.... there is no contamination, the site is clean and ready for construction. Its just the developers want more out of the city and taxpayers...their greed is showing. If they want a deep basement, will they then come back and say the river is preventing it and ask to have it lowered or rerouted? Come on....enough is enough.... Dickerson and Henke are way too eager to sign off on this....why? We need more council members looking out for the city and taxpayers $$. Vote them out.

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