2 cops to be charged in jail beating

Surveillance video shows a man in custody at the Elkhart Police Department being punched in the face and knocked to the ground after spitting at one of the officers.  

ELKHART —  Two city police officers will be charged with Class A misdemeanor criminal battery after being accused of using excessive force against a man in their custody in January. 

A video of the incident released by the Elkhart Police Department shows the man — seated and with his hands bound behind his back — being knocked to the floor and punched several times in the face after he spit at one of the officers while being held in detention. 

Cpl. Cory Newland and Cpl. Joshua Titus have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case, according to a news release from the Elkhart Police Department. 

Reports indicate officers responded on Jan. 12 to multiple calls regarding a domestic battery in progress. When officers arrived, Mario Guerrero Ledesma was arrested for battery on a police officer, public intoxication, disorderly conduct noise and resisting law enforcement.

He was transported to the Elkhart Police Department. 

While he was being processed, he spit at Newland, police said, at which time both officers "used force to control the individual." Upon reviewing the incident, the police administration determined the officers used excessive force.

Results of an internal police investigation were forwarded to the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office on Oct. 26 for review. On Friday, police said, the prosecutor's office informed the administration that both officers would be charged.

The investigation is ongoing, police spokesman Sgt. Travis Snider said Friday, and no further information was available.

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Should be 4 held on charges. If you watch an assault and make no action to stop it you are just as guilty. I respect the police but know this does go on and without cameras no one would believe the person being assaulted.


I see the President of the FOP standing there doing nothing. Guess you can class him on of the "bad guys".... You would think he would be on his best behavior after he got off letting his dog attack someone after a car chase.....


I have never been mistreated by any policeman but of course I have never spit on one. I have never been shot at by a policeman but I have never run from or resisted them Stupid people have stupid things happen to them

common sense

Want to be treated respectfully? Act respectfully and you will be. Want to be assaulted? spit on someone and you will be. Put yourself in these officers position, what would you do? I'm sure they will lose their jobs, but the spitter should be charged with assault as well.


Certainly I would hope old Deuce wouldn't be an "eye witness" in anything. That said spit mask everyone. Because after the spit it too late. He will get his charge dropped for battery by bodily fluid. The cops may well lose their jobs. I've had a few run ins with people trying to assault or batter or what ever. I know none of these resulted in a charge or was arrested! You must protect your emergency services people.

Oh Whale

Respect is a two way street. Personally, I've NEVER been hit/beat/shot/kicked/tased/mistreated by a police officer. But then againnnnn, I've never been arrested. Let that sink in...

Deuce Luminox

This is an absolute disgrace. These cowboys need to lose their jobs. Their statement to the restrained prisoner says it all: "If you spit again, we're gonna party". That's how these scumbags view beating a prisoner. It's a party. Cops are supposed to be the good guys. These cops are the bad guys.


After spitting at them--the police couldn't have hit him hard enough after he did that to them. Who knows what disease he could have had. He is lucky they didn't use the batons they have and beat him senseless! He should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon!

Joe King

Absolutely disgusting. These two cops do not have the temperament to be cops. We hold the to a hire level and be above reproach. These two and his supervisor and chief who investigated and said it was nothing much need to resign or be fired. This is why the public has lost faith in cops. They are public servants not abusers. Shame on them and their fellow cops not reporting this. It took the south bend tribune and prorebublica to get the info and only then did they act.


I would love to see your reaction, Joe, if you were spit at. I suppose you think the police should have offered him a soda because his mouth was dry after hurling all that spit at them! By the way, being a "public servant" does not invite people who disagree with you to expectorate at you.

Deuce Luminox

My reaction? Put a mask on him. The police have those. He spit on the floor anyway, not on the cops.


No Joe it's statements like the ones you make. Cops are NOT SERVANTS! You want servants? Hire a butler and a maid. They are the last line of protection. I know you believe in fairy tales. But the fairy tales end on the street. The night I walked in the PD back in 1969 and asked for a job application my cousin was working the radio. He wheeled around and said something like... if you put your application in to be a cop, I'll kick your b-tt! Go next door and be a hero there. So it's like this Joe. Someone in my family or extended family has been a cop or firefighter since 1920. I'm glad my cousin stepped in.

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