Construction projects hot topic for Concord schools

DUNLAP — Concord school board members have rejected and awarded contracts for some of the district’s upcoming building projects.

With three main projects on the agenda, the board on Monday first voted to reject the lone bidder for Phase II construction at Concord High School’s Beickman Performing Arts Center.

Last month, the board awarded contracts totaling $1.36 million for Phase I of the theater renovation, which includes site work, building concrete and structural steel and steel deck.

Phase II consists of the rest of the building, according to Nate Koets, director of facilities for CCS. This includes masonry, glass, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical, among other works.

Ziolkowksi Construction Inc. of South Bend was the lone bidder for the second phase, proposing a total of $3.1 million. Koets recommended the school board reject the bid because it was incomplete.

“The bid did not include any (figures) for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and part of the plumbing, which are two components we need to make sure we have working bathrooms and heating and cooling for that building,” he said.

The board upheld Koets’ recommendation and voted against the bid unanimously.

After rejecting the bid, the board voted to advertise bids for the second phase with plans to award a bidder by the May 20 meeting.

Koets said the decision will delay the start of the project by about four weeks.

Moreover, the school board approved a contract for renovations to the lower level of the Education Center.

Koets said the district is renovating what used to be the original board meeting space in the lower level of the building, remodeling the space to add three offices for staff as well as putting a meeting room to house extra meetings for district planning.

The school board awarded the contract to Wilburn Construction Co. for $376,940.

Four bids were submitted for the project, with Wilburn Construction being the lowest bidder, according to Koets.

The other bidders were R. Yoder Construction for $476,000, Gibson-Lewis Construction for $438,300 and Brown & Brown General Contractors for $434,300.

Koets said the district is hoping to start the project by late April or early May and to have it finished by mid-July.

“Our intent is to be able to move those three people into their new office space by the start of next school year,” he said.

Lastly, the board approved purchasing fitness equipment from Sorinex Exercise Equipment for the health and wellness addition already under construction at the high school.

Sorinex was one of two responsive bidders, bidding at $403,989.99 for both cardio and weight equipment, Koets said.

The health and wellness center will be a 15,000-square-foot facility located at the south end of the high school near the existing pool.

The addition will be both a cardio and weight room area used to support the school’s physical education department and athletic teams, according to Koets.

Plans are to issue the purchase order for the equipment this week, Koets said. The delivery time is expected to coincide with the completion of the project – scheduled for the start of the new school year this fall.

All building projects at Concord this year will fit within a $15 million bond sale and will not raise property taxes, school officials said. 

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"All building projects at Concord this year will fit within a $15 million bond sale and will not raise property taxes, "

I think there should be a "yet" at the end of that quote.

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