Concord's Christmas Spectacular won't take place this year

Concord’s Christmas Spectacular photo from 2018

DUNLAP — Concord High School Music Department’s popular Christmas Spectacular will not take place this year as a result of ongoing construction in the performing arts center, school officials announced on Monday.

The Beickman Performing Arts Center is undergoing a $5 million renovation that began in June. In addition to expanding the lobby area to approximately 10,000 square feet and doubling the restroom capacity, the renovation will also provide improved handicap accessibility.

Demolition of the former lobby area began in June. In late July, heavy rainfall resulted in flooding throughout the Beickman Performing Arts Center, affecting the stage, curtains, rigging, and seating area. Due to the construction and flood repair of this area, completion of the renovation for the Beickman Performing Arts Center is slated for the spring of 2020.

With construction concerns in mind, district and music department leaders spent several months exploring alternative venues for this year’s holiday performances, but were unable to find a solution that would allow the show to be rehearsed and performed at the desired level.

“This was an exceptionally difficult decision,” Superintendent Tim Tahara said. “Concord’s Christmas Spectacular is an annual event that is beloved by many in the community, and is a prime opportunity for us to showcase the efforts of more than 500 talented student musicians and performers.”

In place of Concord’s Christmas Spectacular, ensembles from the Concord High School Music Department will present special holiday concerts of music, dance, and joy during the weekend of Dec. 14 and 15. Additional details about those performances will be shared on the Concord Performing Arts website at

“We are fortunate to live in a community that is incredibly supportive of our music programs, our students, and this school district,” Director of Music Scott Spradling said. “We recognize that this is disappointing news for the many families and community members who make plans to join to celebrate the holiday season with us.”

“We invite our families and the community to enjoy this year’s holiday concerts during the weekend of December 14 and 15, and look forward to welcoming everyone back to the Beickman Performing Arts Center in December 2020.”

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