Mia Crouch

Elkhart resident Mia Crouch, left, appeared on the June. 13, 2019, episode of "The Price is Right." Here, Crouch competes on stage during the TV game show, guided by host Drew Carey

ELKHART— Local residents who tuned into television game show “The Price is Right” Thursday morning may have seen a familiar face.

Elkhart resident Mia Crouch, 18, was not only given air time but competed on the popular game show on CBS and even won a few prizes.

The show taped in April and aired on Thursday.

Crouch, a recent graduate of Concord High School, went to Los Angeles with her family during spring break and said her mom wanted to attend the show.

“So she got tickets to ‘The Price is Right,’ and she and I attended,” she said.

When she was called to come down to the contestants row, Crouch described the moment as surreal.

“At first I didn’t think it was me,” she said. “When they said ‘Mia Crouch,’ I remember saying ‘that’s not me’ and it took me a while to register that it was actually me and then I went completely crazy,” she said.

After two attempts, she earned the opportunity to play on stage when she correctly guessed the price of an exercise bike. 

She played the race game to which a contestant is given 45 seconds to place prices tags on the appropriate prizes. The contestant wins any prizes with correct price tags at the end of 45 seconds.

Crouch was successful in her efforts, winning two stand up paddle boards, a desktop computer, five Coach purses and a motorcycle.

“This experience was amazing,” she said. “The energy amongst the people was the highest energy environment I’ve ever been a part of. Being on stage and being able to interact with  Drew Carey was the highlight of the whole experience.”

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