DUNLAP— Third-graders at Concord East Side Elementary School weren’t without homework over spring break.

More than 100 students in five classes were each tasked with one assignment which was to read a book of their choice for at least 90 minutes.

On Thursday, the students spent a portion of the school day sharing their book reports with classmates in a café-style setting complete with hot cocoa and snacks for an event appropriately called “Starbooks Café.”

Some students read one book and some read multiple and chose their favorite book to share with peers.

The students discussed the book’s plot, what they liked about the book and whether or not they’d recommend the book.

“The students aren’t graded,” said teacher Vanessa Velie. “It’s a fun experience designed to promote reading and literacy.”

Another teacher, Sonya Imus, said: “It gives them a purpose for reading over spring break so they don’t delay.”

This is the fourth year the school has held the event. Velie said it tends to be many students favorite event of the year.

“A lot of the students look forward to it because they saw it in passing when they were in first or second grade and get excited about it when they’re finally in third grade,” she said.

Many of the students said the assignment made their spring break more fun.

Tatiana Emerson read “Where the Red Fern Grows,” giving the book a 5-star review. 

“I liked it and really enjoyed presenting it to my friends today,” she said.

Another student, Brooklyn Ganger, read “Junie B. Jones” and appeared to be excited while sharing the plot with peers.

“This was a fun assignment,” she said. “We got to read, hang with friends and got snacks.”

Aileen Jimenez put her time to use Thursday sharing her book report with at least 10 students. She read “The Case of the Groaning Ghost.”

“I enjoy reading and reading this book definitely made my spring break more interesting,” she said.

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