ELKHART — Bigger classrooms, reduced pay increases for staff and programming cuts are among ideas being considered at Concord Community Schools after voters last week narrowly struck down the district’s measure to extend an existing operating referendum.

“We’ve spent the last week collecting ourselves and thinking about what’s next and how we move forward,” Superintendent Dan Funston said on Thursday. “There are some difficult decisions to be made, so we have to balance always doing what we can for our kids.”

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“Neighboring districts are giving 8 percent, 10 percent and some even 12 percent increases to teachers; we’re not able to do that,”

Article in today's Truth says Goshen, a neighboring district, is giving 5%.


Hmm, the 11-16 Truth has an article saying Baugo, another neighboring district to Concord, has a 5.5 percent increase for teachers.

So, the neighboring districts to Concord are Goshen, Baugo, Elkhart, Wa-Nee and Middlebury. With Goshen and Baugo at 5% and 5.5%, I guess that must mean that the other 3 must have the 8%, 10% and 12% increases? Just a little fact checking so we don't have disinformation tainting the discussion.


People whine about their property taxes etc going up, but here's a newsflash... they are going up anyways. Sad, first of all for the lousy turnout, and second of all for not putting kids' 1st and keeping concord teachers' salaries competitive. As a parent, don't complain about the size of your kids' class or that they aren't getting the attn they need if you didn't get out and vote for this.... As usual, the kids pay for these no votes the most...


Maybe cut back on the $200k (plus benefits) per year spent on 3 police officers who enjoy breaks during summer, fall, winter, and spring. Seems a little expensive compared to any local police department?


Oh please... Lets just put all emergency services on a wages per call basis.. Sounds fair, doesn't it? They are at every school function day or night and the one time they are needed to save kids lives, people will be singing their praises. You can't have it both ways...


I used to think that way also Max. Recently the the behavior and lack of any discipline from students and their parents opened my eyes to the need for on sight law enforcement. These are not the same schools you and I attended.

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