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Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance president Edwin Newsome moderates a “Unity in Our Community” town hall meeting Tuesday to discuss concerns about police / community relationship. The forum was held at the St. James AME Church in Elkhart.

ELKHART — Dozens of community members attended a town hall Tuesday night to discuss issues about policing in Elkhart and to offer potential solutions.

The event, titled “Unity in Our Community,” was a chance for residents to openly, but without rancor, discuss concerns about the police/community relationship, organizers said. It was hosted by the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and held at the St. James AME Church in Elkhart.

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City of Elkhart Police Academy? Can you imagine the millions of dollars it would take to hire qualified instructors, teachers, experts in emergency vehicle operation, land and building needs.....


I am guessing that they did not participate due to the pandemic.


So now we heard from the anti police contingent, how surprising.

Joe King

How did you even get anti police from this article? Did you even read it? Discussion= anti police? Good grief...


I did not get it from the article Joe, I got it from both comments. I think the police do a great job, period. This is the same stuff, different day, let’s make policing more fair. To

do that you need to make criminals more equally represented. More diverse? I imagine the police would love that but they can only hire people who apply.

Again, my original comment was to the snarky replies by our resIdent police bashers.

Joe King

So no police officers showed? Was ANY representative of the Elkhart Police present? Were they formally invited or did they have to read about it in the paper? Disappointing that they didn't show...but I guess not surprised.


"Area police officers were invited to be part of the conversation, but none were present due to unforeseen emergencies"

Hmmm, how convenient.

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