Class dismissed for teacher rally

Teachers cheer during a rally at the Statehouse in Indianapolis on April 16. School days are being called off for tens of thousands of Indiana students as their teachers make plans to attend a union-organized Statehouse rally on Nov. 19. 

Three school districts in Elkhart County are among a growing list of schools across Indiana that will not be in session a week from Tuesday due to a large number of educators requesting the day off to attend the Red for Ed Action Day at the Statehouse.

So far, Elkhart, Concord and Baugo school districts have announced plans to close school Nov 19.

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Once again Joe you offer NO fix for a problem. Your only fix is to let a shooter continue unabated! But at least 2 Elkhart county schools have taken action. Middlebury and Concord have their own polices departments. That's right Joe. Real cops with guns! Middlebury has 2. Concord 3 plus a police dog! Elkhart uses real cops. School resource officers (SRO)! And unarmed security. Or unarmed targets! And I suspect other school systems have armed security. But your only remedy is to hope!


Swingy, I agree teachers need a better starting salary, they are very underpaid. But the student loan comment I do not agree with. There is no need to go into serious debt to get a teaching degree. IUSB has a great program that is not expensive and one can be a full time student and work part time to pay for it. You may need to borrow a little but not so much you are consumed with debt. If you know you want to be teacher don’t go away to Bloomington or West Lafayette to get your education.


Swiggy says teachers can't afford the basics. Hmmm... 180 days of instruction. About 10 additional days. Totaling 190 work days. You know what I did for 30 years? Worked 2 jobs! Starting pay at ECS about $37,000! At Penn $41,000! As with any new hire you start at the bottom of the wage scale and work your way up! Every extra qualification gives more pay. Have ever noticed the teacher painting sign that crop up every spring? Once again go to the state employee compensation report. It lists all employees in Indiana paid by state government taxes! Yep! If your neighbor is paid by ANY Indiana tax money their proceeding years wage and name is listed! What you will find is our teachers with a little time on the job make pretty good wages. Especially for 180 full days of work!


No one is qualified to discuss this topic, unless they have spent time in todays classrooms with todays kids.....

Joe King

well done. I support the teachers and hope they get what they want. We put too much on them and not pay them enough... Now some want them to be armed and security guards now....I support public education and the teachers!


How much pay is enough Joe? will tell you exactly what every teacher in the Elkhart school system was paid in 2018. The average elementary teacher earns about $36.20 hourly for about 190 days of employ. I'm not sure the answer to school security. What I do know is things do happen here in our schools. Bad things. An unarmed security officer is a target. Schools need armed security. And time is not on our side. The courts have taken all authority away from schools. Teachers are not allowed to defend themselves nor protect others. So someone needs to make a decision! By the way Joe teachers need to be evaluated periodically for performance. I also support public education!

Joe King

Indiana is last.... and they wonder why there is a teacher shortage...


Hmm, enough pay? well, let's start with enough pay that they can not only afford the basics, but also enough to pay off their student loans. That would be a good start.


Pssst Joe! It's now 2:53 PM Thursday 11/14/2019. It's happened again in California. An armed teacher probably would have not made a difference here. But had the shooter decided to carry on, an armed teacher certainly may have had a chance to defend lives! Either employ full timed armed security or arm school employees!

Joe King

What world do you live in! Throwing more guns into the matter doesn’t solve a problem... arm teachers? Typical gop response....schools with armed police didn’t work...just look at parkland and that coward school resource officer. America is the ONLY nation with this problem. The sooner you come to realize this and admit there is a problem, the sooner the people can start to fix it....status quo isn’t working and it’s killing kids


Bad planning on the teachers. They should have scheduled this when they're off during the summer.


You are missing the point entirely.

Well done by the teachers.


Yep! Fly's got it! Strikes are illegal! Education matters aren't!


fire: let me know when the Indiana Statehouse and Governor SHOW us that Education FOR ALL REALLY matters................


"they're off for the summer"....shows how much reality you can add to the discussion.........

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