Cass County police impersonator caught, tells officer he was educating a speeding motorist

JONES, Mich. — A 53-year-old man who allegedly tried to impersonate a police officer on M-40 near Jones, Mich., on Tuesday claims he was educating a speeding motorist when he pulled her over.

The Cass County Sheriff's Department spoke with the Jones, Mich., man on Wednesday after a neighbor tipped off police to the vehicle matching the description provided by authorities on Wednesday. During an interview with a sheriff's deputy, the suspect admitted to pulling over a woman on M-40 on Tuesday after she passed him at a high rate of speed and cut him off.

The woman was driving on M-40 around 2 p.m. when the suspect driving a white Chevy or GMC SUV equipped with a white flashing light, a sticker reading "Rescue" on the front and several long antennas pulled her over. She quickly became suspicious because the suspect wasn't wearing a police uniform and didn't have a badge, so she called 911.

The suspect left the scene after the victim told him she had called police. Emergency dispatchers had the woman meet up with a sheriff deputy at the Shell-Mart in Jones to file a report.

The sheriff's department reported the suspect told police he wanted to stop and identify her. During the interaction, he claimed to tell the woman she would be going to jail if he was a police officer. However, the woman told police a day earlier that the suspect advised he was a police officer and would have taken her to jail if he wasn't responding to an emergency call.

The suspect said his SUV is outfitted with the white flashing light, antenna and "Rescue" sticker because he is a National Weather Service weather spotter and volunteers with the American Red Cross on an as-needed basis. He admitted to police that he used the flashing light when he pulled over the woman.

The sheriff's department forwarded reports on the incident to Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz's office, who will decide whether any criminal charges will be filed. Police did not release the suspect's on Wednesday name because no formal charges had been against him.

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