Roberts and Shively

Democrat Gerry Roberts, left, is challenging Republican Richard Shively in the Elkhart City Council race for District 1.

ELKHART — An attorney and a life coach are hoping to represent the residents of Elkhart’s District 1 on the City Council come 2020.

The life coach, incumbent Republican Richard Shively, said he wants to continue on the path that the current council has set out.

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Thank you for the info gerryroberts. And also for your interest in serving on the city counsel. I think we need some new blood and different ideas in city government and applaud your efforts.

Local Citizen

Mr Roberts has been a lifelong resident of Elkhart. He went to Elkhart Community Schools and graduated from Memorial.


I’d rather a “life coach” wasn’t in charge of a city district. Richard gets the job done while being straight forward with how he presents it, whether the community wants to hear it or not.


You understand that Richard is the "life coach" and not myself, right?


How long have you lived in Elkhart sir? From the website it appears yours is Avery liberal company. Is that true? Just asking...


@sidearm I was born and raised in Elkhart, and have lived here my entire life except for my time in college, law school, and two years thereafter while my wife finished her studies as a graphic designer. Envisage Technologies is a company that builds enterprise-level software for public safety agencies - ranging from US Customs and Border Protection to the Indiana State Police - to handle training management, academy operations, document management, learning management, and the like. The company prides itself on striving to create a better world for public safety by improving operational and situational readiness to save lives - I do not believe that is a partisan position whatsoever. That said, I must stress that my words and opinions are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Envisage.


Richard is the life coach...

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