Canadian woman in Elkhart charged with battery on child

Crystal Moffatt

ELKHART — A Canadian woman living in Elkhart is charged with domestic battery on a child after she allegedly tried to pull the boy from someone’s arms during an argument, with the intent of taking him out of the country.

Crystal Moffatt, 30, was arrested Dec. 5 and charged with domestic battery to someone under age 14 resulting in injury, a Level 5 felony. She was also charged with domestic battery committed in the presence of a child, a Level 6 felony.

She was booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $10,000 bond. She is also being held on an immigration detainer.

Her initial court hearing was set for Friday.

According to court documents:

Goshen Police responded to a domestic fight Dec. 5 at around 11 p.m. at a Clarinet Boulevard West residence. A woman at the residence claimed Moffatt had been arguing with a man and had made threats to take her 2-year-old son back to Canada with her.

The argument became heated and soon turned physical as Moffatt tried to forcibly take the child from the man. The woman shared with officers a video she had taken, which showed Moffatt screaming at the man as he was on the phone with someone, telling them to call the police and immigration.

At one point, Moffatt is seen grabbing the boy by the arms and upper body and forcefully trying to pull him out of the man’s arms, according to the officers’ description of the video. The boy began to scream and cry and the man struck Moffatt several times to get her to let go.

The boy sustained a long scratch on his arm during the incident.

Officers contacted the man in the video by phone, since he had left the scene for fear of being arrested. He described the incident and expressed a fear that Moffatt would take the child out of the country.

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