Campaigns relate to school bond

Pictured is one of the yard signs urging a "no" vote on the Goshen Schools ballot question.

GOSHEN — Campaigns have been founded both supporting and opposing ballot questions that would raise property taxes to support a $65 million capital projects bond for the Goshen Community School Corp.

Those projects would include construction of a new intermediate school building and renovation and improvements to Goshen High School and Middle School. Safety, security and efficiency improvements at the other school facilities are also planned.

A campaign called the Committee for Fair Taxation was founded in early April in opposition to the measure. It was formed and funded by Goshen residents Robert and Susan Schrameyer, according to financial records filed with the county.

"Should GCSC capital project and operating budget increases be approved? The committee's position is to oppose this question," the filing states.

The couple contributed a total of $1,000 themselves and spent $109 on newspaper ads.

Yard signs have also sprouted up around the city in recent weeks, urging a "no" vote on the referendum in large red letters on a white background. The committee that paid for them is not printed on the sign though a small sticker bearing the disclaimer has been added to many of them, similar to the quick fix three Concord Township candidates were forced to make.

The Friends of Goshen Community Schools was founded in February in support of the referendums, with David Birky serving as chair and Jim Evans as treasurer. It reported no contributions or expenditures as of April.

Birky said Tuesday that they didn't have any expenses at the time they filed last week but they have raised and spent some money since then. He said they expect to get a bill soon for the yard signs they had made, which encourage voters to "build for the future" in lighter colored letters on a red background.

The committee has raised money through activities like a fundraising night at Hacienda Tuesday, and volunteers have been busy with post card parties, neighborhood canvassing and calling activities, according to Schools Superintendent Diane Woodworth. She said a lot of school staff are involved with the campaign in their off-hours, and she estimated that 150 to 200 people have signed up for their upcoming activities.

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This one may be interesting. Goshen had a referendum a few years ago and it passed. I was a bit surprised to see another come up. I'm guessing this will be close. May depend on how many voters subscribe to the fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me adage. As Arte Johnson used to say, verrrrry interesting!

common sense

Vote No. These are the people who have spent hundreds of thousands in taxpayer money on a branding and advertising campaign to recruit new students from outside the district only to turn around and claim that due to overcrowding they need $65 million to build a new school? Doesn't make any sense. This is also the system that is top heavy with Administrators, many making or near six figures. They have not been good stewards of our tax money. Don't give them more to waste.


a WalMart Manager makes six figures, in a bad year. Does he/she have more responsibilities than a Teacher, let alone an Administrator?

Average Joe

There's an old adage:
Those that can, DO.
Those that cant, Teach!

common sense

I didn't mention Teachers in my post. In my opinion, some Teachers are underpaid, the good effective ones and some, the ineffective who are protected by tenure are overpaid. I was referring to some of the Adminstrators whose ranks have grown rapidly in the past ten years who are paid very well. The school system is just like any other govt. bureaucracy. It seeks to grow its size and influence by growing from within and demanding more resources from those who pay the Bill. Unfortunately some of these positions aren't needed and don't improve student education. They are just a growth of the bureaucracy. I know some of these Aministrators and they wouldn't make it as a Walmart Manager, that position has accountability.


Leeet, there are more Wal Mart Managers that lose their entire careers on an annual basis than teachers for incompetency in any given decade you would like to document. By the way, those managers lose their careers because someone stole FROM THEIR STORE. Maybe you would like to work in a situation where some of your customers break the law and YOU get fired because of it. By the way, as a former WalMart manager I can tell you that your numbers are way off and aren't even close to reality.


Common, why didn't you mention teachers in your because one of these referendums is to help pay their wages, or maybe you didn't know that.


I agree, why not just raise the taxes on the parents who have all the kids in school vs the senior citizens who have supported the school system their entire lives. Give them a break when they have all ready raised their kids.


I agree Helen. Then we could also only tax people that drive on the roads. Only tax people that use ambulances and fire departments. And people that don't need cops, cut their taxes way back. I understand!


I'll be voting yes, but thanks for your input, Common sense (orlackthereof).

common sense

Teacher pay should be a separate issue. As I said above some teachers are underpaid, they are effective and competent. Unfortunately there are other incompetent teachers who shouldn't be paid more simply because they have tenure and a collective bargaining agreement says so. Tying teacher pay into a referendum on a building project sounds like Congress - load up a spending bill with a bunch of wasteful pork and force voters to vote for it so that a couple of necessary things get funded as well. The hundreds of thousands that were wasted on a branding program could have been better spent rewarding good teachers with a pay raise. By voting yes, you will be giving more tax money to a school board who has already shown they don't spend it wisely and that makes no sense.

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