Bristol in search of new town manager

Bull Wuthrich, former Bristol Town Manager, is shown accepting an appreciation award at his final town council meeting on Dec. 21, 2017. 

BRISTOL – On Dec. 22, Bill Wuthrich, town manager for Bristol announced his retirement after over 50 years of service to the town.

Wuthrich began his career with Bristol at the Bristol Fire Department. In 1968, he was elected to the town council, where he served for roughly 30 years. In 1998, Wuthrich was asked serve as town manager.

“Bill stepped in because there was a vacancy and he was on the town board and they needed him so he left the board and became the manager,” Town Clerk Mary Ryman said.

He served as town manager for Bristol until his retirement last month.

“Bill did a good job,” Ron Norman, Town Council President, said. “Bill put in 20 years as a town manager and he got to see this town grow exponentially in the time that he was here overseeing the town. We went through some tough times and we’re sitting on some good times now.”

Wuthrich was not available for comment.

The search for a new town manager continues this month.

Statutes regarding what a town manager is expected to do include acting as administrative head for town government, attending town council meetings and recommending actions, hiring and removing town employees, delegating powers to other town officials, administering and enforcing resolutions of the town council, preparing budget estimates to submit to the town council, executing contractors for materials for bids, and receiving service on summons on behalf of the town.

“My expectation for a manager here is not only to follow that narrative but my personal thought is a town manager not only manages the employees that work under him but also represents this town and works works county and represents the town to the best of their ability.”

“They need to know a little bit about the town,” Ryman said. “We’re not a public business. We have rules and we have to work under state rules.”

One town council member has already submitted a resume for consideration, but no other resumes have been received to date.

Anyone interested in applying for the position should be a people person, capable of leading town departments such as police and fire, and be willing to work closely with the heads of town departments and understand the administrative functions of town government.

Resumes will be accepted at Bristol Town Hall, 303 E. Vistula St., Bristol. For more information, call 574-848-7007.

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