Boling Molyneaux and supporters vote early

Democratic candidate for Elkhart mayor Ashley Boling Molyneaux voted early in the primary election with a group of about 20 supporters at the Lincoln Center on Wednesday, May 1. 

ELKHART — Candidate for Elkhart Mayor Ashley Boling Molyneaux voted early in the Democratic primary election on Wednesday with a group of about 20 supporters.

“We are gathering together to go draw attention to early voting being open, and so we’re going to go in and vote for our favorite candidates,” said Boling Molyneaux.

In person absentee voting is open through noon on Monday, May 6. Election day is May 7.

“Election day is often inconvenient for people if they work, and so the nice thing about early voting is that it’s open after work for typical work hours, and so we want to make sure that we draw attention to that and that it is open this Saturday as well, because we want as many people to have their voice heard as possible,” Boling Molyneaux said.

She said that only 1,000 people cast ballots in the 2015 Elkhart municipal primary.

“That’s just a number that’s unacceptable,” she said.

Clerk of the Circuit Court Christopher Anderson has said he expects a higher turnout this year based on early absentee voting numbers and that the Elkhart school referendum seems to be drawing out voters.

With the primary election day coming close, Boling Molyneaux was positive about what might happen.

“I feel like we’ve got good momentum, but you know, it all depends who comes out to vote, how that translates into actual winnings and losings,” she said.

Among Boling Molyneaux’s supporters voting Wednesday was Democratic City Council at-large candidate Arvis Dawson. He said the point of coming out to vote in a group was to show “groundswell of support” for Boling Molyneaux.

“We have two great candidates. Obviously I’m supporting Ashley, but I think we’re going to do very well in the fall,” said Dawson, who is unopposed in the primary.

He was excited about the effort to make people vote early.

“I think it’s one of the best things Indiana could have done, is allow that 30 day period where people can go vote,” he said.

Boling Molyneaux is opposed by Rod Roberson in the Democratic primary for Elkhart mayor.

Absentee voting in person is possible in Elkhart at the Lincoln Center, 608 Oakland Ave; in Goshen at the County Administration Building, 117 N. 2nd St., Room 108; and in Nappanee at First Brethren Church, 1600 N. Main St. Information about hours can be found at

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