GOSHEN — Plans for a new Culver’s location in Goshen advanced after the Board of Works voted to let a 40-year-old private sewer system remain.

The board authorized the continued connection to the public main of a private sewer line that serves four addresses along Lincoln Highway in the northwest part of the city. A Culver’s restaurant will be built on part of the property, at 2024 Elkhart Road.

A different restaurant was previously located there but was demolished 20 years ago. Culver’s currently has a restaurant on the opposite end of town, at 2019 Lincolnway East.

The area served by a private sewer built in the 1970s also includes land at 2020 Elkhart Road and 920 and 922 Lynwood Drive. Public Works Director Dustin Sailor remarked that the agreement is probably the best solution available in that area.

Goshen City Council voted in September to rezone the property at 2024 Elkhart Road to allow the new restaurant to be built. The same request for commercial rezoning also included a change to industrial zoning for neighboring land belonging to Triangle Rubber and Plastics Co., since a buffer is no longer needed between the two properties.

Attorney Steve Olsen, representing the land owners, told council they hope to break ground before the end of the year. He said Monday that the board’s decision was one of the last hurdles.

“This is one of the, hopefully, final stages to get it ready for closing, allowing Culver’s to move forward with a restaurant on that side of town,” he said. “It’s hoping to close soon so they can move forward with development.”

Olsen told the board the new terms written up regarding the private sewer system are more thorough than when the system was built, and cover things like maintenance and costs. He said the city isn’t responsible for the system, which serves two commercial and two residential properties.

“It had a lot more zigs and zags, the type of approach that currently is not approved by the city,” he said. “So in light of that, we have straightened the line and reached an agreement ... which is much better than the previous one or two lines on the deed approach that used to be used.”

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