Bill would abolish all township assessor offices

AP file photoHouse Minority Leader Phil GiaQuinta, D-Fort Wayne, speaks during the opening day of the session at the Statehouse on Jan. 6.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana House has voted to eliminate the last remaining township assessor offices around the state, including the one in Elkhart County's Concord Township. 

House members voted 53-44 Tuesday in favor of the bill abolishing the 13 township assessor offices that remain in nine of Indiana's 92 counties. The bill would transfer to county assessor offices those duties for determining the value of buildings and land for property taxes.

The 13 township assessor offices remain after voters decided to retain them in 2008 referendums allowed under a law that abolished more than 950 such offices across the state. The bill would eliminate the offices at the end of 2022.

Bill sponsor Republican Rep. Karen Engleman of Georgetown said state reports have found that county offices have been more cost effective and fair in property assessments.

Republican Rep. Tim Wesco of Osceola was among bill opponents who argued that the Legislature should respect the decision that voters made in the 2008 referendums. House Democratic leader Phil GiaQuinta of Fort Wayne questioned the purpose of lawmakers allowing a voter referendum and then later deciding to overturn it.

Lake County has five of the township assessor offices that would be abolished, with one each in Allen, Elkhart, Howard, LaPorte, Porter, St. Joseph, Vigo and Wayne counties.

The bill now goes to the state Senate for consideration.

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Joe King

its 2020....time to be more efficient and get with modern times...concord is a joke and needs to be absorbed into Elkhart county....


The one in Elkhart didn't help anyone anyways so it is really no lost they could have closed that thing down many years ago esp when that one woman that wore the big white wig worked there come to find out she was helping all her family members and stealing the money I tried getting help there after a car accident that had me off work for three months that was in 2014 and they told me to go to SB for some mess that's what they do run you around when they already know you need help paying thingst so how you gone have money for gas to be running all these places that place was set up not to help you so I wont miss it


ritchiec77, you have your government officials mixed up. An assessor has nothing to do with financial aid. You are referring to a township trustee. So I guess the white wigged woman probably advised you she could not help you!

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