GOSHEN – Bethany Christian Schools held a ceremony at its campus on Friday afternoon to announce its selection by the U.S. Department of Education as a Green Ribbon School, a recognition given to just 45 schools nationwide for their efforts to improve sustainability.

Earlier this summer, the school was honored at a ceremony in Washington D.C. as formal recognition of their “innovative efforts to reduce environmental impact and utility costs, improve health and wellness, and ensure effective sustainability education.”

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Nothing about smaller homes and cutting the nonstop hectic energy wasting travel to sports and drama nonsense? Let's not get too real here


This is a great example of teaching by example. What if the average school, home, church, and business would be creative enough cut 31 percent of their damage to the environment. What would it take? With the cost of solar collectors much lower than they were just a few years ago, a lot of us could afford to cut much more than 31 percent of the fossil fuel used to provide our electric power. We have until the end of December to get in on retail net metering for a new solar system. The Indiana legislators are so anti-clean air, pro-global warming, pro-dirty coal, and pro-bad weather events that they passed a law to discourage new solar systems beginning in 2018 by allowing utilities to buy solar power at wholesale instead of giving us retail credit for our efforts. Senate bill 309 was one of the most regressive ideas the power company lobbyists have managed to get passed. The Indiana economy is bound to suffer. The states around us are continuing to encourage the solar and wind industry jobs, while Indiana is trying to kill these jobs.


If it is so cost effective then why would you need it subsidized by the utility companies.They pay retail for no other power.


What -if, why not ask any of the Bethany officials about the ROI; I'm betting that none of them can answer that. Fact is it takes more energy to manufacture, transport, and install these so-called "green" energy sources then any of them provide. Bethany is nothing more than an indoctrination factory for the far left and charges over $16,000 annually, more than any other state college Tuition in the entire state of Indiana so clearly Bethany exists for the masses.

Tesla, while being hailed buy the greenies as some kind of future savior of the planet, has several major flaws. First off, at best I can drive one of their cars all of 100 miles before plugging it into an outlet powered by NIPSCO which assures me it will cost at least 20 bucks to recharge the car all for the right to drive it another 100 miles. Problem is I often drive 100+ miles in a two-day period, I haul family members, and groceries, none of which I can do in a Tesla, and if it weren't for tax-payer funded subsidies, those $80,000 Tesla's would cost closer to $200,000 than $100,000. Hopefully Trump will end those subsidies sooner rather then later.

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