MILLERSBURG — To forge what he sees as a middle path in politics, the Rev. Jimmy Clifton reached back over 150 years to a short-lived anti-slavery party that counted among its members prominent poets, educators and congressmen.

The pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church founded the American Free Soil Party in 2014 and stands as its first candidate as he seeks a town council position in Millersburg. The original party existed between 1848 and 1854, long enough to field two presidential candidates, who both ran on the platform of "Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor and Free Men."

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Tom Butler

Same conceptual idea as the Elkhart Party. We took ideas and members of both political parties to try to help ward off the partisan element which is completely irrelevant to local politics. Nearly every decision made on a local governance level is a specific spending decision that is nearly 100 percent devoid of ideology. The success of each decision a local official makes is based on economic details and the efficiency of how the local government organization executes the plan or manages the department.

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