GOSHEN — Authorities on Monday were investigating back-to-back barn fires on two properties within a few miles of one another over the weekend.

Two of the three fires that occurred overnight on Saturday into Sunday morning were on the same property.

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reconstruction has already commenced!


Is there a go fund me account for either of these victims? The loss of 10 cows, three horses, and 13 baby calves along with stored hay is a staggering loss for a family, even if there is insurance.

Perhaps law enforcement needs to elevate the investigation to a higher level. This will not be an easy case to solve. There have been a series of multiple barn fires over the past few months and they won't stop until there is an arrest. State or federal assistance with arson expertise may help.

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

There is a GoFundMe, and the goal has almost been met now: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-this-dairy-family-of-9-rebuild-after-arson?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=unknown&utm_campaign=comms_zglb+help-this-dairy-family-of-9-rebuild-after-arson


no insurance? Strange! Well we know it wasn't arson for profit!


Thanks, Rasmus.


Barn fires are common. Especially as it gets colder. And especially as hay is cut and maybe stored damp. Spontaneous combustion is a common cause. If there is electric, most times it is not to code! Storage of vehicles with catalytic converters or even open exhaust is a fire hazard! Rats eat wire insulation. And yes there is arson in some instances. Not common! At one of the sites where the barn was not a total loss, rebuilding the burned portion is in progress . And possibly way to soon. Embers can burn for days without being seen. But it's harvest season. You need a barn!

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