ELKHART— Local firefighters are still trying to find out what caused a massive apartment fire that displaced dozens of people at Arbor Lake Apartments.

According to Concord Township Fire Department Chief Rick Rochford, the department responded to a fire call about 10 p.m. Tuesday at 22538 Pine Arbor Drive near U.S. 20 and C.R. 17 on the city’s east side in Concord Township.

At the scene nearly 60 individuals were displaced from the apartment unit. No one was injured, Rochford said.

About 75 firefighters from various local agencies battled the blaze for about two hours before it was contained around midnight, he said.

Of the 36 apartments in the three-story complex, Rochford said there were 12 that suffered heavy fire and smoke damage. Part of the roof collapsed on one of those buildings.

Mason Lehman, who lives at a nearby unit, noticed the fire close to its inception from his complex.

“I could see flames popping above the roofs and was like, ‘that’s crazy’ so I threw on some clothes and watched as the firefighters tried to put the fire out,” he said.

From there, Lehman said he heard the firefighter state over the radio that they were running out of water and shortly saw water trucks coming to fill the firetrucks.

“Once they finally got the (unit) that was originally on fire to cool down, the roof on the next (unit) then caught on fire and it just started spreading to the bottom,” he said.

It’s unclear how the fire was caused. As of Wednesday afternoon, Rochford said local fire departments and the state fire marshal were still investigating the incident.

American Red Cross was on hand to assist the displaced residents with temporary housing.

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