Allegedly stolen vehicle involved in three-car crash

Sai Von Jackson

ELKHART — A South Bend man was charged with being in possession of a stolen car after he was involved in a three-vehicle crash Friday.

Sai Von Jackson, 19, was arrested following the crash at Middlebury and Madison streets and charged with receiving stolen property, a Level 6 felony. He was also charged with false informing and driving without a license, both misdemeanors.

He was booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $10,000 bond. His initial court hearing was set for July 12.

According to court documents:

Elkhart Police responded about 12:45 p.m. to the crash involving a Buick, Honda Civic and a Ford Taurus. The Buick was found to have been reported stolen in South Bend recently.

Jackson, the driver, told the responding officer he had borrowed the vehicle from his uncle. He also provided a false name and said he didn’t have a license on him.

The officer noticed an ID card sticking out of Jackson’s phone case. Jackson admitted that he had lied about his name for unknown reasons.

He also claimed that he bought the Buick from someone in South Bend for $100 or $200, but didn’t have a purchase agreement or any other documentation. He later said his uncle didn’t know he took the car and that he couldn’t remember how he got the keys.

Police contacted the registered owner of the car, who said she reported it stolen three days earlier. She said she left her keys in front of her house by mistake and when she looked for them, she realized both the keys and her car were gone.


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Revolution 1776

Wow, a class citizen I see , another product of liberal pothead policies


What does a F6 Felony for theft have to do with “liberal pothead policies”. I think you need a new typewriter 1776.

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