GOSHEN — The planes flying over Goshen this week are miniature but the sense of pride their pilots feel is huge.

More than 100 RC aircraft pilots are expected to bring about 300 flying, whirling models to the Goshen Municipal Airport during Air Supremacy Over Goshen this week.

The event runs from today to Saturday near Gate 10 at the airfield, which is off U.S. 33 just north of C.R. 42.

Many of the planes are scaled-down versions of fighters and bombers from World War I and World War II.

Owners Sam Parfitt and David White took their F4 Corsair and SBD Dauntless up for a spin on Wednesday, circling their corner of the airfield as event co-founder RJ Monroe acted as air-traffic controller.

“You notice the gear retracted into the wings, just like full-scale. They have landing flaps, dive flaps – if the full scale version had it, these do as well,” said Chuck Hamilton, the other co-founder, as the Dauntless flew past. “And that’s what kind of makes the size of this event so unique, this is about as close as you can get to the real one without having a real one.”

Many of the owners who come to the show are history buffs, he said. Almost every plane he owns himself is connected to his father, a WWII pilot who loved the barnstorming era of classic biplanes. 

“And that’s just my story. Every one of these pilots has a story,” he remarked. “This is kind of a run through history. My favorite thing is when you see an elderly gentleman and a lady sort of staring at an airplane, and you can see they’re someplace else. They’re back in 1944 or ‘45.”

All the flying this week will be for demonstration, though Monroe said they have some unofficial awards that they give out. Those include best in show, best flight and best WWI and WWII aircraft.

“We offer some bragging rights to the guys, ‘cause there’s hundreds of hours in these aircrafts,” he said.

Visit flygoshen.com for more details about the show and a full schedule.

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