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ELKHART — A year has passed since the Indiana hands-free driving law went into effect, stating that a person may not hold a telecommunications device while operating a motor vehicle.

The law, which is supposed to improve road safety by limiting distracted driving, may still not be known by all, so the Indiana Department of Transportation continues its campaign to teach Indiana drivers that they have to use hands-free or voice-operated technology if using their phone while driving.

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Let me ask a simple question! If you can not make a cell call while driving or talk on a cell in your hand. Should you be allowed to have passengers in your vehicle and carry on a conversation? Or eat! Or drink? Maybe drivers should slow down and obey speed limits and other traffic laws. CR 10 from CR 17 west or east bound is 35 MPH! I set my cruise at 40 MPH. Travel in the outside lane and still get the horny honkers and 1 finger salutes. I just smile! 1 jerk even showed me his weapon!

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