Andrew Royer, provided by Notre Dame Law School

Andrew Royer was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2005, in part as a result of an Elkhart police officer coercing him to provide false testimony, a court has found.

ELKHART — A man convicted of a 2002 murder has been cleared of wrongdoing, according to his attorneys, after a judge granted a motion to dismiss his case.

Advocates on Wednesday hailed what they called an exoneration of Andrew Royer, who was convicted in 2005 of killing 94-year-old Helen Sailor in her apartment on Thanksgiving Day 2002; they also called for accountability for the police and prosecutors involved in the case.

Andrew Royer and Jimmy Gurulé exoneration

Andrew Royer, left, had his murder case dismissed on Monday after having spent 16 years in prison. His named was cleared thanks, in part, to attorney and law school professor Jimmy Gurulé, right, and the Notre Dame Law School Exoneration Justice Clinic, which held a press conference on Wednesday in South Bend.

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Johnny Carson was a comedian. I wouldn’t take anything that he said as fact.


This is long over due as Johnny Carson said many years ago on late night show "want to commit a perfect crime go to Elkhart Indiana". I hope the Royer family follows thru on the $50,000 a yr that Royer is due from State of Indiana for wrongful

conviction.. Unfortunately Conway will probably retire hugging the Blue Code of Silence and Becker will be re elected because voters are to lazy to look at the person not the party in Elkhart County.


I am really surprised at the Truth not editing Chuck's erroneous statement of an old supposed Johnny Carson statement. Carson NEVER said the statement above! Nor is the statement correct as submitted by Chuck. The old urban legend was that Carson said something to the effect that if you wanted to commit a murder... Elkhart was the place and a bank robbery....South Bend was the place! Even goof ball Jon Konrath, publisher of "THE WRATH of KON" , November 2006, calls it false! You can find nothing on the net to back Chuck's fallacious statement! I have been edited before. Seems not only did Chuck miss the boat, The Truth did also!

Fire, I understand. Here's the explanation: As I have stated in the past, I do not have time to fact-check every comment that is made here, and, fortunately, I don't need to. When I do fact-check a comment, it's either because I know something in it to be false, it seems questionable, or another reader points out that it should be looked at, as you have done here.

So, thanks to your comment, I have looked at the claim, and I am going to let it stand because I have no evidence that it is false. Johnny Carson has done so many hours of TV, and I don't believe it's all transcribed, so I have no realistic way of searching through what he has said. I did read the Jon Konrath blog, but as I understood it, he didn't claim to know whether Carson did say that, and he certainly presented no evidence that he didn't. I also don't know whether your claim that Carson said something about murders in Elkhart and robberies in South Bend is true, but I can't say that it's not. So I won't remove either claim.

SanFran Kid

Long over due,been going for long time Elkhart,hope they sue the city

Joe King

Another case of police officers abusing the system and trust…suspended with pay, and allowed to retire or quit without consequences…another case of police wrongdoing that the tax payers will have to pay for. It’s time to start requiring police to have malpractice insurance. Let them pay for their wrong doingings. Let the police union pay for their incompetence. Stop forcing tax payers to pay for bad cops. This is horrendous. Now go catch a killer.


Amen to all of those thoughts Joe

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