Myers family quilt 1

Gertrude Rogers, right, and three of her siblings hold a quilt made in 1901 by their mother, Mary Myers, which has the names of all 12 siblings embroidered on it. Rogers’ granddaughter, Pam Bolton, took this photo in the 1970s and is now searching for the lost quilt.

ELKHART — A 120-year-old family quilt has been missing for 10 years after an Elkhart estate sale. Now, a great-granddaughter of the woman who made the quilt has started a search in the hopes of getting it back, or at least knowing its fate.

Pam Bolton lives in Oregon, but her family has Elkhart ties. Her great-grandparents, Mary and Herman Myers, lived on Adamsville Road. Around 1901, Mary made the quilt and embroidered “The Myers Family” and the names of the couple’s 12 children onto it. The quilt consists of velvets, silks and brocades and was made by hand, with embroidery around each seam.

Myers family quilt 2

Mary Myers of Elkhart made this quilt around 1901 and embroidered the names of her 12 children on it.

Myers family photo

This photo of Mary and Herman Myers and their 12 children was taken in their Adamsville Road home in Elkhart on Dec. 16, 1912.

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Hope the quilt can be found!

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