Redistricting public hearing 08-07-2021 Ivy Tech

About 100 people showed up at Ivy Tech on Saturday for a public hearing on the redistricting of Indiana’s congressional and state legislative districts. Of the more than 30 people who spoke, all demanded some kind of reform to limit gerrymandering.

ELKHART — Following what appeared as unanimous demands at a public hearing of about 100 people, state Rep. Timothy Wesco, R-Osceola, promised redistricting transparency but said it’s too late to have a non-partisan committee lead the effort to draw the state’s new districts for congressional and state legislative elections.

Those were among the top demands from the more than 30 people who spoke at the Saturday hearing. Not one speaker appeared satisfied with the last redistricting, which happened 10 years ago under Republican leadership and resulted in Indiana becoming one of the most heavily gerrymandered states in the country, according to a study commissioned by Women4Change Indiana and conducted by George Washington University political science professor Christopher Warshaw.

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Revolution 1776

Democrats could move to california

Joe King

If the corrupt politicians and crony GOP members want to fix this, they can....they choose not to... it is clear by wesco's party answer and lack of doing anything... vote them out, bring a change to Indiana..


Good luck with that comrade Joe. When your communist party takes over there will be no voting at all. Grow up Joe.

Cheryl W.

Wesco and other republicans non-action speaks volumes, not even prepared and not in touch with the voters- what a waste of time caused by Wesco and Rep. party. Vote them out. Vote them out.


Come now! Corrupt? Pot calling the kettle black! Gerrymandering goes back over 200 years. To Elderidge Gerry, Massachusetts governor. The word gerrymandering came about from Gerry's forming of salamander shaped political areas. Hence gerrymandering! Gerry was what a modern day Democrat would be. But alas, both parties have used this form of voter mining for 200+ years. Your blue haze is showing again Joe. It's kind of like the well used DemonRat statement.... Elections have consequences! Turn the state blue! Then see if the DemonRats want to end "gerrymandering"!


Again Wesco represents the Indiana State Republican Party and turns a blind eye to the voters in this State. This session was only another waste of taxpayers time and monies.


Imagine that, Democrats want to stop gerrymandering while the Republicans have the majority. Do you think they would want that if they were in the majority. Chances are Slim and none and Slim left town.

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